Offsite Storage

Integrated Backup Solutions

Secure and customizable online backup, storage, access and data sharing solutions

  • Multiple operating system and platform support;
  • browser-based and downloadable applications
  • Access, manage and restore backed up data via the web

JTC Offsite Storage simplifies, speeds up, automates and centralizes the online backup and restore process, with absolutely no downtime. Our affordable enterprise-class solutions for businesses and individuals eliminate issues associated with traditional backup methods like the need for manual intervention, expenses and being error prone. JTC Offsite Storage also secures your data against any virus attacks, hardware crashes, theft and natural calamities at all times.

Online backup and restore process

JTC Offsite Storage automatically backs up your critical data. It is compressed and encrypted during transmission (and stored encrypted – optional). Block level patching – where only modified portion of data is transferred after initial backup – ensures optimal bandwidth utilization. You can restore any file to the local computer, when required.

Why use JTC Offsite Storage?


  • Incremental backups – only modified portions of the files are backed up after full initial backup
  • Data compression during transfer to optimize bandwidth usage


  • Enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on transfers


  • Reliable backups of open and locked files
  • Mapped drive backup – even when the system is logged off
  • Quick search to locate backed up files

Ease of Restoration

  • Snapshots for historical data view; provision to restore any earlier copy
  • Schedule or drag-n-drop options for file/folder restore
  • Restore backed up data to any computer via the web

Professional Support

  • Backed by the same great support that our customers know and love
  • Support available 24×7 via after-hours emergency service
  • Service from a company committed to hosted and managed solutions