Network Security

Today’s security threats are rising in volume, complexity and diversity. The rapid expansion in mobile users and external staff demands a centralized approach to network access policies. Multiple and remote applications introduce the need to guard voice, data, and video. Public and home wireless LAN’s also introduce more susceptibility.

Traditionally, network security has focused on protection from outside threats. However, many threats today come from within, creating a need for a more comprehensive and persistent security approach.
It’s time to rethink the basic construction of your network to more effectively protect, simplify, and integrate the applications and services your users need.

At Jewell Technical Consulting, our staff includes network security specialists who can help with:

  • Wireless Network Security
  • LAN Network Security
  • WAN Network Security
  • VPN Network Security
  • Corporate Network Security
  • IP Network Security
  • Firewall Setup and Security
  • XP Network Security

Our highly trained technicians will work with you to ensure the most protection possible for your business. We are dedicated to giving you peace of mind about the security of your business information.