JTC Sky Cloud Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Cloud Computing solutions allow you to outsource your software and server hardware requirements, easily scale hardware requirements, and reduce your capital expenditures.

You no longer need to worry about your server maintenance or any server expenditures, saving you time and money now and as technology advances with new hardware.

JTC SKY Hosting Solutions allow you to request access to applications and data through the internet as you need from anywhere you have internet access. With the JTC SKY Hosting Solution, you no longer need to purchase software licenses, saving you thousands on software purchases, development costs and licensing fees. For example, you will no longer need to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office because it’s already included!

JTC SKY Hosting Solutions include the server, software, antivirus and backups for one low monthly price. In addition, JTC SKY Hosting keeps your data local. Our servers are kept in a highly secure and redundant data center in Northern Virginia. Your data is local and we have access 7x24x365 in the event of a complete internet outage. Backups are also kept out of state in another data center to ensure you never go without your data.

Access your data and email anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.

JTC SKY Hosting Solutions. 7x24x365


10 things you’ll never have to do again with JTC SKY Hosting Solution:

1. Throw away thousands of dollars on hardware and software.
2. Keep records of server warranties and costs.
3. Carry backup devices offsite or worry about backups.
4. Spend time tracking software and licenses.
5. Spend capital to adapt to new server technology.
6. Spend time and money on server maintenance.
7. Manage software or server upgrades.
8. Buy Office applications.
9. Wait for technical support.
10. Wait to get to the office to access your email and data.

JTC SKY Hosting includes powerful tools for collaboration and increased productivity, including:

  • Hosted Microsoft Dynamics® CRM – Collaborate in Microsoft Outlook and other applications to unleash sales, marketing, and service potential with lead and opportunity management tools, marketing automation, and end-to-end management.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Enhance your company with business e-mail and collaboration tools like shared calendars, contacts and tasks, public folders, and e-mail. Also, add on BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile devices – all for one flat fee.
  • Hosted SharePoint – Together with Hosted Exchange, SharePoint allows real-time collaboration over your company intranet. Store documents online, review files with this powerful tool.
  • Web Hosting – Web design services to help you achieve your goals; from site development and planning to execution, maintenance, and site hosting.
    These powerful solutions can all be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.