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Big Business Solutions for the Small Business Budget

Voice Over IP

JTC partners with Jive Communications for VOIP telephone service and solutions that take advantage of the speed and adaptability of the Internet to facilitate communications at a cost lower than that of a traditional communications provider. These services include e-faxing, voice over IP, virtual conference rooms and video conferencing to name a few..

JTC SKY Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing solutions allow you to outsource your server hardware requirements, easily scale hardware requirements, and reduce your capital expenditures. JTC SKY Cloud Solutions includes Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). JTC owns and operates our own cloud environment partnering with Microsoft, Dell, Veeam and VMWare. Our data center is located in Manassas, Virginia and is replicated in data centers in Atlanta and San Diego.

Managed Services

JTC's is a leader in launching our proactive network monitoring system. JTC can identify in real-time, system problems that are occurring on a customer’s network, servers, mission critical applications, and workstations. The identification and resolution can occur well before our customer is even aware an issue exists.